Tokyo Champagne

"Tokyo Champagne" is a delivery-only champagne store. We have a wide variety of champagnes available for you to choose from. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif or a midday drink, so please feel free to use our service!

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Vranken-Pommery & Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais

Champagne Maisons Vranken-Pommery partnering with Michelin Star French Restaurant Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais to provide you with fine dining and champagne pairing moments! Vranken-Pommery is a family-owned Champagne Group with famous Grandes Marques such as Pommery, Heidsieck-Monopole, Vranken and Charles Lafitte. Lugdunum is a one-star Michelin guide restaurant.

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Riedel Ginza

The Ginza showroom of the world-famous wineglass manufacturer. In addition to popular glasses at the forefront of glassware technology, Riedel will deliver popular wines from around the world, both old and new.

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